New BBB Circuit website

The BBB Circuit website has been bugging me for a while.  It has been in my mind simply an umbrella web site providing links to the Circuit churches and being a repository for Circuit Plans and Bulletins and very little else.

Our Superintendent Minister, Rev'd Paul Howes, has often told me how he was attracted to Bicester by the website of Bicester Methodist Church.  This is nice to hear, as I also operate the BMC website, but what would anyone think if they were looking at the Circuit website with a view to joining us as staff or member?

I want to change this!  This new site is far more powerful than previous versions and allows much more to be achieved quickly and easily - once it is fully set up!  This article itself, for example, is an example of a Blog - internet terminology for a Web log, or diary entry.  Any signed up member can be given the ability to write Blogs which will be instantly published on this site.  Unfortunately, experience over at has shown that there are people out there who want to abuse this, so getting an account set up will be a little harder than other websites, but this is for the better overall!

Registered users (given the correct permissions) will also be able to self publish Plans, Bulletins, Calendar entries (when the calendar goes online) and make amendments to Church pages all from within this single website.

I have also been thinking about what the Circuit offers me, a simple member of BMC.  Well, the most obvious thing is a pool of ministers and preachers who visit churches around the circuit every week to share their faith and gifts with us all.  This has made me wonder about setting up a section of this website devoted to the Circuit staff and preachers, perhaps with short biographies and a photograph.

Finally some, but not all, pages on this site are open to comments.  I will make this page open to comments where I would hope to find ideas for how we can really make this site work for the Circuit.

Best regards and thank you for reading this far!