I think we're getting there... (or not hitting all 7 of the deadly sins!)

Well, it's taken me a little while, but, I think we're getting there!

I am now proud of the BBB Circuit website.  And yes, I do know that pride is a sin!  If you've read my first blog entry, you'll know the frustration I felt with the previous iterations of this website, which put simply, were ugly and lacking in imagination and content.  We still don't have too much in the way of content, but we certainly have a nice looking site now.

(Oh dear, does appreciation of a websites beauty count towards another sin?)

Joking aside, I hope you will agree that this site is now well on course to being a fit for purpose front window for our circuit and that you will want to contribute with articles, pictures or stories.  You can contribute by emailing webadmin at this domain for more details.