Further enhancements

Following my 'all users' style email to those who appear in the Circuit Directory, we now have the beginnings of a visual Who's Who.  This is something that I've wanted for some time, and I think that once it is more fully populated it should work really well.

All pages on this site are searchable, although I have yet to enable the search function, something I will do once we have plenty of data to search through.  This will make it easy to find just 'church treasurers' or just 'local preachers'.  You could also search for 'Property Meeting' and the site will return all such meetings that are entered in the Events Calendar.

All I need for all of this to work usefully is DATA!

Please, please get behind me on this.  The Circuit website has been mediocre for too long!  With your help, articles, blogs, biographies and events this site can be far more than it currently is!